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What educational programs are available in the Northwest Territories (NWT)?

What are the benefits of French-language schools?

Will our child learn English?


What are the responsibilities of a parent who chooses a French-language school?

What about early childhood education in French?

To learn more, consult the Parents’ Guide.


Professional Development Days


Professional development days give staff members time without the presence of students to review our practices in order to maximize student learning. These days are organized in collaboration with the principal and educational consultants and in cooperation with staff members.


Professional development days are spread out at regular intervals throughout the year in order to facilitate follow-ups. They can take different forms in order to meet previously identified needs and to achieve the objectives in the school’s education plan.





The lists of materials for the 2018-2019 school year will be available as of August 15th, 2018.



In the Northwest Territories, school transportation is provided at both the elementary and secondary levels through a school bus network managed by FIRST TRANSIT in the Yellowknife region and by the Hay River District Education Authority in the Hay River region.


Here are the enrolment forms as well as additional information.

Registration for a Yellowknife bus pass

School bus transportation regulations

Registration for a Hay River bus pass

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