Dear Parents/Guardians,


Thank you for being so diligent in the screening of your children each day. 


In response to recent changes made by the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer for the health and safety of NWT residents, the screening tools have been updated.


Three new symptoms have been added to the list of COVID-19 symptoms to watch out for:


·         Abdominal pain

·         Skin changes or rashes

·         Chills



Changes to the Staff Screening Tool require that staff stay home and contact public health for next steps if they have ANY of the symptoms of COVID-19. 


The changes to the Student Screening Tool also adds the symptom of “loss of sense of taste or smell” to their major symptom list in Step 2.  In addition, changes were made in the Step 3 minor symptoms to require that:

  1. A student with ONE minor symptom must stay home for 24 hours.  If they are better within 24 hours, they may return to school.  If they are not better or are worsening, they must call public health for next steps.

  2. A child with TWO or MORE minor symptoms must stay home and call public health for next steps.


Please use the new screening tools to screen your children each day before they come to school.


Many thanks for your continued support as we navigate the pandemic.

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